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Freilich, M.A., Poirier, C., Dever, M., Alou, E., Allen, J., Cabornero, A., Choi, C., Sudek, L., Ruiz, S., Pascual, A., Farrar, J.T., D'Asaro, E., Worden, A.Z., Mahadevan, A. (in review). Microbially enriched intrusions from the deep chlorophyll maximum transport carbon to the mesopelagic ocean.

Selected peer-reviewed publications

Arboleda-Baena, C.M., Freilich, M.A., Pareja, C.B. Logares, R., De la Iglesia, R., Navarrete, S. (2024). Microbial communities network structure across strong environmental gradients: How do they compare to macroorganisms? FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

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Other publications

Freilich, M. Vertical Fluxes in the Upper Ocean. PhD thesis, MIT-WHOI Joint Program, 2021.

Freilich, M. Mathematical Modeling of Oceanic Phytoplankton Blooms in Chaotic Flows. Senior thesis, Brown University, 2015.