In Spring 2024 I will be teaching APMA/EEPS 1930P: Mathematics and Climate.

Mathematical models play a critical role in projecting and understanding climate processes. This course will discuss techniques for application of theoretical models, computational experiments, and data analysis in climate science, including oceanic, atmospheric, and ecological phenomena. Intended for students in applied mathematics and other concentrations with quantitative skills who are interested in applying their knowledge to mathematical modeling and climate problems. No previous coursework in climate science is required. Physical science concepts and mathematical techniques will be introduced throughout the course. Students will develop collaborative or individual projects later in the semester.

I am commited to equitable engagement with the Providence, Rhode Island, and New England communities. If you are community group interested in collaborating, please reach out (mara_freilich@brown.edu)

Examples of past activities

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Presentation and demonstration for Oceanos: WHOI in Spanish and Portuguese

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Outreach chair and session chair of a graduate student-led conference

JP Applicant Support and Knowledgebase (JP ASK)

Coordinator of a program to lower the barrier to applying to graduate school

Race and Gender in the Scientific Community

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